Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Perfumes Reviewed By Emma

I, Emma feel perfumes talk a lot about a woman’s personality, confidence and nature. It is therefore important to wear it right. ‘Right’ here means, the fragrance you wear must match your body chemistry besides highlighting your inner traits, attitude and confidence. I always look for and choose to try those perfumes whose notes match my body smell; I also make sure the notes are more floral and distinct to represent my ever-youthful and unique personality.

Here is a list of 10 best selling women’s perfumes I have tried and reviewed. I would be happy if this helps you choose an ideal one for your body type.

1. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Year of Launch2016
HouseSarah Jessica Parker

Orchid, lavender, paper, musk, amber, apple martini and other essential oils make up the rich notes of this fantastic perfume. I have worn this for my workplace where I spend around 8-9 hours every day. This perfume stays for a long time, keeping your mind and body fresh and soothing for the entire day. It also smells sensuous and is ideal for casual late evening parties as well. For me, no dance party goes without a spray of this wonderful fragrance! The top quality ingredients make the magic!!

Top NotesBergamot, Orange blossom, Mandarin
Heart NotesGardenia water, Blonde woods, Pink pepper
Base NotesMusk, Vetiver, Amber

2. Pheromone for Women

This is one of the most seductive perfumes available for women. I have sensed and experienced its strong and long lasting smell. In fact, whenever I wear this perfume, I feel more youthful and sensuous. Moreover since this is alcohol free, I am able to use it on my skin without any worries. The notes also blend with my skin smell and the chemistry is truly astounding.

IPM, Essential Oils, Purified Water, Dipropylene Glycol, Human Pheromones, Estratetraenol and CopulinApply directly to body or clothing. Use liberally until desired scent is achieved. Allow to soak in for 1-3 minutes.

3. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume for women

Year of Launch2008
HouseJuicy Couture

The floral and rich fruit notes make this perfume one of a kind. I love this fragrance from the bottom of my heart and make sure to always stock a few bottles in my closet. The notes suit almost all skin types and the smell lasts long. The package is lovely as well; just perfect to gift someone dear.

Top NotesWild Berries, Mandarin
Heart NotesHoneysuckle, Gardenia, Jasmine
Base NotesCaramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood

4. Ralph Lauren’s Romance

This perfume comes in an elegant bottle, classy and stylish to the core. It is a romantic smelling perfume, just ideal to wear before going out on a date. I have worn this several times and earned the admiration of princely looking men. My partner loves this perfume too and I ensure to wear it when we go out together for dinner or a movie. It is highly seductive.

5. Black Opium

Consisting of orange blossoms and pear, Black Opium has been my all time favorite. I feel energized whenever I wear this fragrance since it has the ability to add value to my personality. My friends are also using this perfume and I have noticed that it aligns with several skin textures. The package, ah! I would like to call it ‘Black Beauty’!

6. Armani Code

Designed by Giorgio Armani, this is the perfume you need to buy if you want a long lasting fragrance. Made from high quality notes and solvents, this perfume can enhance your confidence as a modern and courageous woman. This has qualities and features close to Victoria’s Original Pink perfume that is reputed for top quality and I feel, as an expert at scents and perfumes, Armani code can absolutely make you feel ‘attractive’.

7. Coty Wild Musk

Wow! Rose, Jasmine and Vanilla! These are the notes that make up this perfume; all feminine!

I believe in living life my way and Coty Wild Musk has largely helped me with that. The delightful rose and jasmine stir my inner senses, while making me conscious of who I am and what I am capable of. The refreshing smell is inspiring and revitalizing.

8. My Insolence  

This perfume comes in a unique shaped pink package that perfectly represents feminity. It comes with a light scent but not too floral and great to use for any party or occasion. I wear it for office parties and casual hangouts and have received several compliments. Any woman that loves soothing fragrances will fall for this perfume instantly!

9. Gucci Guilty

Amber, lilac, mandarin and peach make up the vital notes of this perfume for women. It is romantic, seductive and charming in nature. I buy Gucci Guilty since this scent syncs with my audacious qualities. The perfume instigates me to explore my inner self and motivates me to go ahead with poise. The impact it makes surprises me!

10. Victoria 

Coming in an elegant translucent box with a royal blue cap, Victoria by Victoria’s Secret is one of my hot favorites; it provides elegance and a sense of luxury to me. Wearing this enables me stand out from the crowd and instill in me self-belief and assurance. It has juicy notes and made from quality essential oil concentrates.

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