Perfume that Smells like Chocolate in 2021

Who doesn’t like chocolate? At every age, chocolates are the favorite sweetener and honestly, the aroma pf chocolate is quite tempting and sexy.

The best thing about chocolate scent is not always, actually, the chocolate note is used in it, instead, some fragrances notes can be mixed to create a chocolate scent.

It can be a bit of bitter and sometimes spicy. However, it is always balanced with a sweet smell.

Best Perfume that Smells like Chocolates 2021:

This is the list of top perfumes that smell like chocolates:

Black XS for Her10 [Editor's Choice]
Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord for women8
Montale Chocolate Greedy7
Santal Majuscule Serge Lutens for men9
Vera Wang Princess for her9
Christian Dior Homme Intense8.5
Missoni Perfume for her8.5

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1. Black XS for Her:

Why we love it:

  • strong masculine smell.
  • no too spicy yet seductive.
  • Have striking writing and fancy packaging
✅Suitable for the romantic date or romantic evenings.❌Not suitable for casual wear or formal office wear
✅Empowering❌It has longevity issues as it is not long-lasting.

2. Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord for women:

Why we love it:

  • Has a fun smell
  • Designer fascinated fragrance
✅You can wear it in evening parties especially in fall❌It's not suitable for day wear
✅Have a crispy and fresh scent❌It's not long-lasting so you may need touch-ups.

3. Montale Chocolate Greedy:

Why we love it:

  • It has the true essence of chocolate.
  • You can wear it anywhere
  • Have fragrance of coffee with vanilla.
✅You can use it on cold winter nights.❌It is not suitable for summers.
✅It works great in a casual way, either its day or night.❌Can wear formally but in limited use only.

4. Santal Majuscule Serge Lutens for men:

Why we love it:

  • Best fragrance for men
  • Not very feminine and deep for men
✅Perfect for winters when the sauciest touch is most demanding.❌It is not that much suitable for summers
✅Also suitable for daytime office wear.❌The packaging is not that attractive.

5. Vera Wang Princess for her:

Why we love it:

  • Have princess charm in its fragrance.
  • Woody aroma with deep sweet makes it light and comfortable.
✅Its silage is not exaggerated❌You have to touch up after a few hours.
✅Have moderate longevity of 8 hours.❌It would be too feminine.

6. Christian Dior Homme Intense:

Why we love it:

  • It has lavender and iris fresh tones.
  • It is suitable for every day.
✅You can wear them on winters and summers.❌Its longevity is not good.
✅Also suitable for casual❌Might be a bit flowery.

7. Missoni Perfume for her:

Why we love it:

  • Most selling cocoa perfume
  • Made of several unique notes
✅Its longevity is good of about 8 to 12 hours.❌It is not suitable for summertime.
✅Its aroma is deep and has a crisp freshness in it.❌It can not be wear on funky parties

Is this a good idea to have chocolate perfume?

Chocolate fragrances are fancy to your perfume line. Yes!  They do smell great and fantastic and keep you stand out in the crowd without being too over empowering but in my opinion, it’s a luxury but not a necessity.

But they definitely have a uniqueness In their notes and scent which gives you a fresh look and it is worth trying obviously. Take a look at our list above and choose your fragrance according to your personality and choice.

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