Gucci Guilty Women’s Perfume Perfectly Reflects The Intense Feelings

Gucci Guilty is a lovely perfume specially designed for the sexy women out there. I, Emma as a carefree and the girl-next-door kinda lass, wear this fragrance since it perfectly aligns with my daring and glamorous traits. I generally wear this for late night parties and casual hangouts with friends since it creates an out of the ordinary feel for me. My friends love it as well; they envy me for the extraordinary attention I get each time. It is one among the top 10 best selling perfumes for women.

Year of Launch 2010

Gucci Guilty Women’s Perfume: Notes

The notes consist of rich amber and lilac, a perfect representation of courage and tenderness. As a young and playful girl, I wear and literally love Gucci Guilty Women’s perfume. It gives me a contemporary feel while also being dynamic and fresh in nature. The perfume also consists of Mandarin, peach and pink pepper that evokes the feminine feelings in you. I have experienced it and would recommend this amazing perfume to all the charming, playful and sensuous girls out there. This has features similar to Victoria’s Original Pink perfume however the smell of this seamlessly syncs with your personality if you are a courageous and happy-go-lucky girl.

Top Notes Mandarin, Pink pepper, Peach
Heart Notes Lilacs, Geranium
Base NotesAmber, Patchouli

Sexy, youthful and dynamic perfume

The brand says it all; so you need not think twice before making the purchase. I have been wearing this to all kinds of occasions; while the sexy nature of this fabulous scent has enabled me grab the attention of handsome men, the aroma makes me stay cheerful and energetic all the while. Gucci Guilty perfume has a long lasting smell which is why I prefer this to most other perfumes available on the market. It is available in a dazzling golden colored bottle that truly represents the boldness.

Are you ready to experience?

There are several sellers you can find but I always trust the authentic ones. If you desire to experience the richness and youthful nature of this remarkable perfume, click here to buy a bottle.

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