Best Tom Ford Perfume for Women [Reviewed 2022]

You will agree with me when I say, 

Tom Ford perfumes have the classiest smell

It is definitely every person’s wish to wear perfume that is classy and unique at the same time, whether its a man or a woman. We tend to choose a perfume that suits our personality and mood as well.

Since we all have different choices, we recommend you to try a number of perfumes in order to find out which one suits you better. The Tom Ford collections are highly recommended.

If you have been looking for a perfume that is discrete and intricate in nature and has a very pleasant smell then Tom Ford is a must-try perfume. The article clearly compiles a list of the best Tom Ford perfumes for women that are durable. The article also highlights some of the top advantages and cons associated with the various Tom Ford perfumes to help you make a better choice while choosing the best perfume that suits you most.  

Best Tom Ford perfumes for Women 2022:

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1: Tom Ford white patchouli:

 TOM FORD white patchouli

Year of Launch 2008
Gender Feminine
House Tom Ford

This perfume is packed in a white bottle and is very elegant in nature. It has a very pleasant scent making it perfect to wear during the day. The scent is very smooth, clean, and fresh and we never regret wearing it.

The fragrance is characterized by musk and slighter ocher which makes it attractive, however, it is very feminine.

The white patchouli leaves the body with incredible scent long after it has been applied, therefore leaving our body fresh. It has a floral fruity odor making it a perfect tom ford perfumes for women.

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  • The product is unique;
  • Has a clean and fresh fragrance;
  • It can be applied even during summer;
  • Nighttime is the best time to apply it.


  • It can only last for approximately 7-8 hours.

Top Notes Bergamot, White peony, Coriander
Heart Notes Rose absolute, Jasmine, Ambrette seed
Base Notes Patchouli, Blonde woods, Incense

2: Tom Ford Black Orchid:

 TOM FORD black orchid

Year of Launch 2006
Gender Feminine
House Tom Ford

It is with no doubt one of the most iconic perfumes when it comes to Ford collections. It has a very alluring and unique scent that entices the feeling of glamor in a person. It is mostly used on special occasions like weddings in order to leave an appealing impression. This is the best tom ford cologne for women

For a woman, falling in love with black orchids is very easy because it is made from chocolates, vanilla, and sandalwood. It is packed in a very classic black bottle that is conspicuous and appropriate. This is one of the great tom ford perfumes for women.

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  • If used well, it can last for several months;
  • It has a beautiful and appealing design;
  • It is used by many people because it’s incredible reviews;
  • It is of superior quality.


  • It is very expensive.
  • The loose cap which might result in leaking;

Top Notes Jasmine, Gardenia, Blackcurrant, Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin
Heart Notes Orchid, Spicy notes, Fruity notes, Lotus
Base Notes Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Incense, Amber, Chocolate, Vanille

3: Tom Ford Orchid Soleil:

 TOM FORD orchid soleil

Year of Launch 2016
Gender Feminine
House Tom Ford

The orchid Soliel reflects the sparkling odor of summer. It has a spicy and floral scent that invokes the essence of a beautiful sunset that brings a very intoxicating experience to the user.

The packaging is done in an amazing pink bottle that is very classy.  This is the perfect tom ford perfume for her.

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  • Has a great lasting power;
  • Has a classy, elegant, and organic floral fragrance.


  • It has a very strong scent.

Top Notes Bitter orange, Pink pepper, Cypress
Heart Notes The red spider lily, Tuberose
Base Notes Vanilla, Chestnut cream, Patchouli, Orchid

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4: Tom Ford Violet Blonde:

 TOM FORD violet blonde

Year of Launch 2011
Gender Feminine
House Tom Ford

This type of perfume comes in a very fashionable package that is firm and very portable, that is, we can easily carry it in our handbag and travel with it anywhere. Its fragrance is woody and musky in nature which is the modern-day trend. The woody scent is durable, it takes a longer time before the smell vanishes, simply because it is a combination of both citrus and chypre fragrance.

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It has a unique and shamelessly romantic fragrance.

Top Notes Mandarin orange, Pink pepper, Violet leaf
Heart Notes Iris, Jasmine, Orris
Base Notes Musk, Suede, Cedar, Vetiver, Benzoin

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5: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver:

 TOM FORD grey vetiver

Year of Launch 2009
Gender Feminine
House Tom Ford

This type of perfume is unisex in nature, it can be used by both gender. It has a very pleasant scent that is both a combination of salty and citrusy that’s why this is one of the amazing toms for perfumes for women. When applied during the day, it leaves the body rejuvenated and fresh for the entire day. This one is the most popular women’s tom ford perfume.

The unique thing about it is that it contains spices, value wood, citruses, and vetiver which makes it valuable. It is very portable and can easily be carried around with no trouble at all. It is packed in a unique Grey bottle that is both fascinating and classy.

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  • It can be worn on any occasion;
  • It is simple and versatile in nature;
  • It can work even during summer.


  • It is considered a second rate when compared to the best that the genre can offer.

Top Notes Vetiver, Orange flower, Grapefruit
Heart Notes Aromatic sage, Orris, Nutmeg
Base Notes Pimento, Amber woods, Oakmoss

6: Tom Ford Tobacco Perfume:

TOM FORD tobacco perfume

Year of Launch 2007
Gender Feminine
House Tom Ford

This type of perfume is commonly used by people who are spice lovers simply because it is made from cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, and chocolate. The mixture of these spices makes the fragrance both sweet and spicy at the same time.

It is packed in a very small, neat bottle which is simple to carry around.

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  • It has one of the best cap openings;
  • Has a faint touch of incense;
  • It is very linear and soft.


  • Is has a strong vanilla scent without enough tobacco;
  • It might stain the cloth.

Top Notes Tobacco leaf, Spices
Heart Notes Tonka bean, Tobacco flower, Vanilla, Cocoa
Base Notes Dry fruit accord, Woods

7: Tom Ford Private Blend Lavender Palm:

 TOM FORD private blend lavender palm

Year of Launch 2011
Gender Feminine
House Tom Ford

This type of perfume is suitable for both men and women. The mixture of lavender palm creates a fruity and floral fragrance that is both sexy and sensual.

It is made of lemon, bergamot, and lavender which generates a long-lasting feeling to the user. It can be used in any event or occasion, be it a wedding, birthday parties among others.

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  • It is versatile enough even to work in cold weather;
  • Longevity and projection are decent.


  • The price can be relatively high.

Top Notes Lavender, Bergamot, Lemon, Clary sage
Heart Notes Lime blossom, Pink oleander, White oleander
Base Notes Olibanum, Green moss, Vetiver

8: Tom Ford Ombre Leather:


Tom Ford Ombre Leather  
Year of Launch 2018
Gender Feminine
House Tom Ford

Tom Ford Ombre leather perfume is a unique smell having top notes of cardamom, middle notes of jasmine sambac and leather, base notes of patchouli, amber, and moss. The leather gives it its intensity but in a softer manner and jasmine gives it a bright feel. It is a beautiful floral and leather accord with a nice unlisted cedar note.

It is not too overpowering as not to suppress your personality but to make it noticeable. Tom Ford offers great perfumes for her and this one is definitely one of the best ones.

It is a sexy and alluring scent that draws everyone’s attention to itself. Some people also go on to claim that it’s the best leather scent they have ever smelled. This fragrance is captivating and even you would not be able to stop sniffing it. Its uniqueness will put you on the map anywhere you go.

It opens up with a moderate prognosis of a very natural tone of leather and leather is the most prominent note in it.  The best thing about this fragrance is that the leather note does not feel too strong or synthetic.

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Top Notes Cardamom
Heart Notes Jasmine sambac and Leather
Base Notes Patchouli and Amber

It smells very natural and wearable. The addition of jasmine gives it the perfect subtle floral touch that gets along with leather very well. The addition of amber and cardamom enhances the leather note in a complementary manner.

Finally, moss gives it a very earthy/musky tone that makes it a perfect smell. The scent feels very bold but in a good way. The fragrance smells very elegant, exotic, playful, sexy, alluring, expensive, modern, refined, versatile, sophisticated, and natural. 

It is perfect for fall and winter though it can be worn in spring too. It can be worn on all occasions whether it is a formal gathering or outdoor hangouts. Another plus point is its great longevity.

Though there are a lot of leathery perfumes available in the market, nothing compares to Tom Ford’s Ombre Leather’s appeal.

It is a great buy for all the leather lovers and strongly recommended by the perfume lovers. It is rich, royal and a blind buy for all the women who want to diversify their perfume collection. 

Tom Ford never disappoints and with this fragrance, they totally raise the bar for themselves. Leathery smells often tend to be too strong, sometimes pungent even but Ombre Leather delivers what it promises; a natural, elegant and exquisite smell for all.