How To Choose The Right Perfume For Your Body Chemistry?

As a great admirer of scents, I know there is a chemistry part to wearing perfumes. Yes, you heard it right. I, Emma, a beautiful young girl that wears perfumes day in and out know why a perfume will work wonders for one individual while it fails to create the magic for the other. Since our bodies produce distinct smell, it reacts with the fragrance we wear to produce a scent that might be a straight success or just the opposite. The chemistry might work for some while it may not for many others.

So, how do you choose a perfume?

  • The first part is you need to differentiate between a perfume and cologne.  Then you need to do some trial and research to find out which perfumes work great on your body. If you ever come across a scent that you feel smells differently or weirdly than when on your friend’s body, it is an indication that it doesn’t work well for your body chemistry. I have tried different scents and now very well know what notes my body accepts.
  • Your skin type is a major aspect to consider when choosing a perfume. While rough skin textures can hold the aroma for a longer duration, dry skin types will let go of the smell quickly. If you have a dry skin, choose one that comes with high concentrates of oil.
  • How balanced is your skin pH?  A basic pH value indicates your skin will not absorb the perfume the way it should. I have a very dry skin and always make it a point to moisturize my skin before trying out new perfumes.
  • Get to know all the notes associated with the perfume you are looking to buy. What you smell first is the top note; you grab the middle note after a while and the one that is heavier and lasts long is the base note. I make sure I like each of the notes and the chemistry works in my favor before making any decision.

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